01 Complex Design


We take the most comprehensive form of space organization, aiming at a balanced and harmonious solution of complex, multilateral functions, the design of a building meaning much more than finding the best way to fill a certain amount of space. Architecture can only be compared to the surrounding nature by being an artificial organism implanted in a natural environment with which it must harmonize both functionally and aesthetically.

We are always moving forward to make people’s lives more enjoyable and spatially satisfying. The way we live, work and relax is not only affected by cultural changes, but also by the rapid development of technology. It is our responsibility to make sure that the projects we develop are flexible enough to meet any future challenges.


Through residential architecture we design and build apartment buildings, functional and safe houses. Our architects always take into account the predominant construction conditions, safety issues, functionality issues and especially the latest design and architectural requirements. We keep in touch with each client to develop residential complexes or individual residences according to the usually different expectations from client to client.


The design of buildings and structures, respectively halls for commercial use is part of our portfolio. We focused this kind of architecture on combining function with elementary style to meet the needs of a wide range of business types, from supermarkets to hypermarkets, the impact of commercial architecture being visible locally and in the neighbourhood. Our task is to take the simplest structural requirements and combine them with current design elements to have the target results.


Industrial architecture comprises a number of types of buildings and styles that combine functionality and design and can be found in the industrialized world of various factories and companies. We design specialized systems, processes, equipment and worker safety for production, processing, electricity generation and other industrial activities.
We incorporate factories, warehouses and various silos and power plants in the design of custom utility structures.