Pro Arhitectura is an office that has been providing general design and architecture services since 2005 and is driven by quality monitoring and the creation of infrastructure for prosperity.
Our main goal is to shape projects that lift our spirits and create value for both our clients and the community, along with the belief that our surroundings directly influence the quality of life at work, at home or in public spaces between them.

We strongly believe that good architecture engages individuals and communities by transforming the spaces in which they live and work, helping them navigate public and private places.
Pro Arhitectura gathers people, ideas, knowledge, skills, everything to create infrastructure at the highest standards.

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  • ella@pro-arhitectura.ro

    Arch. Ella Falcă

    Managing Partner & Lead Architect

  • (+40) 748 124 012


    Ec. Amalia Florea

    Assistant Manager

  • (+40) 745 152 016


    Ec. Laura Volintiru

    Accounting Manager

  • (+40) 740 340 597


    Ec. Florin Manța

    Junior Accountant & HR Specialist

  • (+40) 742 111 187


    Ec. Diana Sebin

    Permitting Specialist

  • economic@pro-arhitectura.ro

    Ec. Ramona Valentina Boțoc

    Junior Accountant

  • (+40) 748 124 011


    Arch. Ana-Maria Sîrbu

    Senior Project Architect

  • (+40) 747 552 184


    Arch. Adrian Piț

    Senior Project Architect

  • office@pro-arhitectura.ro

    Arch. Roxana Manole

    Mid-level Project Architect

  • office@pro-arhitectura.ro

    Andreea Ionce

    Junior Project Architect

  • Arch. Irina Șugar

    Junior Project Architect

  • (+40) 742 111 197


    Arch. Ana Maria Marin

    Junior Project Architect

Architect’s Mission

Our design missions are approached at the request of the beneficiary in their complex way, together with specialized works: resistance, installations, electrical, vertical systematization.
According to our design concept, we personally take care of each work and for the execution of the project we organize teams of specialized designers corresponding to the specifics of the work in question.

The Vision

Considering a respected architectural office and based on the professional experiences gained, we offer high quality architecture and interior design services to an honest and honest clientele.
Our goal is to offer not only more, but also better, raising the standards of architectural services to meet the challenges of an ever-expanding world.


Dedication, professionalism and responsibility for carefully thought-out solutions are a testament to the vision of values and daily demands, through which we achieve excellence in bringing to life the ideas of each client.
Through a young and talented team, we ask the right questions and receive the answers carefully. The client's dreams, needs and goals guide our ideas and solutions from the first sketch to the "ribbon cutting”.